To Teach the Wonderful Game of Lacrosse

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Boys Lacrosse 7th Grade 2017

Practice TimesThe first practice will be during the weekend of March 4th.  Weekday practices will be between 6:00-8:00pm prior to daylight savings. Specific days, fields and times are TBD. We do not practice on Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day.  Practice ends before Memorial Day weekend. Please be have your sons at practice at least 15 minutes early so they can get their equipment on and we can start on time. Each boy should have a full water bottle at every practice or game event. Please monitor your emails for updates to practice/game times, locations and potential cancellations to account for weather, etc.

*Teams: It is expected that 7th grade will have 3 teams.  There will be one "A" team and 2 even teams that will play a combination of A and B games against other towns.  We have spots for one "A" team and 2 "B" teams in the season ending G8 tournament this year.  Players will be evaluated by an independent staff early in March to provide player placement on teams.  There will be one independent coach as well as parent coaches to teach the players.

Each player is required to have and wear the following at practice or game
•White Helmet (NOCSAE approved) ,
•Mouth guard
•Shoulder pads
•Arm pads
•Youth supporter w/ cup
•‘Proper’ stick
•Full water bottle

•Read and support the Code of Conduct and review the Player Expectations with your son
•Open communication with the coaches especially with respect to any medical issues
•Be a positive influence at games
•Maintain proper equipment for your son and monitor its status
•Help out whenever you can
Medical Conditions: If your son has a medical condition that requires any close monitoring, please let us know. All injuries will be reported and processed according to the rules of Chatham Recreation. If your son has special needs please let us know prior to the beginning of the program and we will make sure he is properly taken care of and will enjoy his lacrosse experience.
Baseline Concussion Testing: You should perform the baseline concussion test for your son on the CLC website, it takes less than a half hour and could provide critical information when it is needed most.
Grievances: If you have any grievance relating to the program, the program has a mandatory 24 hour cooling off period prior to speaking to a coach, any other member of the program or a league official about the grievance. The full Grievance Policy is on the CLC website.