To Teach the Wonderful Game of Lacrosse

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3rd/4th Grade Girls Coordinator


Justin McManus:




The objective of the Cougar Lacrosse Club Girls Lacrosse program is to offer a positive and fun learning experience within a manageable time commitment for this grade level.  There will be seven (7) 3/4 grade teams this year, each consisting of approximately 15 players.  Each team will play eight games, with a 4th grade playday in town on Sunday, May 5 (TBD).


We start Tuesday, March 19 and run thru Thursday, May 30.  June 2 is our Chatham Fishawack Festivel that all girls are encouraged and expected to attend.


Teams/Coaches (Draft)

Team Head Coach Assistants
Princeton Bob Bowling Tim High/Bob Lee
Maryland McDonough/Flynn Bill Sitar
North Carolina Doren Kolster

Chris Furst/Patti Barrett

Notre Dame Meg Van Orden Tom DeZenzo/Richard Rein
Stony Brook Justin McManus Jill Irish/Tommy Regan
Syracuse Frank Stanco Jenn Ponsiglione/Rob Laferriere
Georgetown Nick Russo Steve Schelling/Larry Sherman

Team Commitment

It is extremely important the players attend as many practices as possible in order to get to know each other, play well as a team, and have an enjoyable experience overall.  All players should expect to play about one half of play during all games. Players who attend practice regularly and demonstrate hard work with a good attitude will be rewarded with extra playing time where available.  If your daughter is unable to attend a particular practice or game, please email your head coach in advance of the absence.  Practice plans and game line-ups are made ahead of time, so it is helpful to be aware of missing players.



Goggles:  Beginning January 1, 2017, all field players must properly wear eye protection that meets ASTM specification standard 3077 approved for women's lacrosse.  A list of approved goggles can be found on the US Lacrosse website.

If you plan to buy new goggles, look for the ASTM 3077 certification as these will be required for the 2017 season.


Note: Some players that wear glasses have been wearing protective eyewear over their glasses. There is currently nothing in the rules to prevent this. However, some of the protective eyewear products are not designed to be worn over glasses and players should be aware of the potential dangers of using equipment in a manner that it was not intended.  Prescription goggles should also be checked on the US Lacrosse website.  

Mouth Guard:  A mouth guard is required and must be worn at all times during games and practices.  Mouth guards must be colored (not clear or white) and should not have any graphics, fitted properly to the player’s mouth, and should not be attached to goggles.  

Players without a mouth guard or goggles WILL NOT be allowed to participate.

Stick: A regular women’s crosse is required at this level.  The overall length of the stick shall be 35 1/2” minimum and 43 1/4” maximum.

Footwear:  Cleats (no metal spikes), turf shoes, or sneakers can be worn on the turf field.

Jewelry:  Jewelry and beads/hard clips in the hair are not allowed.  Please leave jewelry at home; coaches will not be responsible for it.  Earrings or newly pierced ears will NOT be allowed to be taped.  All children wearing earrings to practice will be asked to remove them, no exceptions.  Hair braiding on vacation is discouraged.  Plastic beads are considered jewelry and will not be permitted on the field.

Water:  Always have your daughter bring a water bottle to games and practices.  No “sticky” Gatorade-type beverages allowed on any turf field in Chatham.



Information and updates throughout the season will be communicated through email.  Always check your email before leaving home for a game or practice, particularly if the weather is questionable. You will be notified of any last minute changes.  If you do not have access to email, please arrange to have a friend notify you.  Please do not call your coach unless it’s absolutely necessary.


The Cougar Lacrosse Club link ( will also have important updates, coaches’ contact information, and directions to games.  It will be your responsibility to check directions for games on the CLC website.


Practice/Game Schedule

We plan to practice on Tuesdays and Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at Lum Turf (beginning of season end times will be earlier due to limited daylight).  Games will be intra-town and start about halfway thru the season, with start times of 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM.  Game schedules for each team will be sent via email at a later date (see preliminary schedule below).


Since we have access to turf fields, we will be practicing outside when possible so please have your daughters dress accordingly in layers.  Each child will be provided with her own team shirt shortly after the season begins; she should plan on wearing it to each practice thereafter.


Important Dates

Tuesday March 19 First Practice
Thursday April 18 Controlled Scrimmage/Games Begin
Sunday May 5 (TBD) Chatham 4th Grade Playday at CMS (Haas Field), 12:00 to 3:00 PM
Thursday May 30

End of Season Party

Sunday June 2

Fishawack Lacrosse Festival (Cougar Field)


Personal Practice\Conditioning

The Chatham Girls Lacrosse program is committed to giving your daughter extra lacrosse knowledge and guidance.  As part of your daughter’s commitment to her team, the game of lacrosse, and her own development as a player, we strongly encourage her (and you) to practice and condition on her own time.  A Personal Practice Plan Handout was developed to help further her skills and become more effective on the field.  A copy of the handout, with drills, will be distributed as part of each girl’s info packet.


US Lacrosse Membership

If you have not yet registered your child with US Lacrosse, please do so immediately.  All players must have a US Lacrosse Membership number to play.  We will receive a list from the league, JGLA, of all registered players. Please go online to and register ASAP. Your child cannot participate in a game until you have done so.  


General Game Notes:

  • 8 v 8, including goalies 
  • No Checking
  • 3 Passes Needed Before Going to Goal
  • Rules will be taught over the course of the season and enforced by referees during the games.


Coaches and Volunteers

All parents are asked to help out in some capacity.  We cannot run an effective girls’ lax program without your support.

Coaches - please email the 3-4 Girls Coordinators directly if interested in helping.  Experience is not a requirement.


Additionally, below is a list of areas where we could use your assistance:


  • Team Parent: Each team needs a Team Parent to coordinate volunteers for team practices and games.  Team parents arrange schedules of Stay Parents and help coordinate communication with the team.


  • Stay Parent: One parent is needed at every practice/game in case an emergency arises.


  • Year End Party: Volunteers are needed to assist.  Please email Justin McManus (