To Teach the Wonderful Game of Lacrosse

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Mark Chazen - 8th grade (

Phil Franz - 7th grade (

The 7th-8th Girls Lacrosse Program will start Monday, March 6th for 7th grade, and Tuesday, March 8th for 8th grade.  We target June 1 as our end date for both grades - there may be some variation depending on grade and team.  Practices will generally be at Haas turf or Side Haas, starting at 545pm and running to 715/730pm (figure March and early April), until the days get longer (mid-April thru June), and we will then move back practices to 6pm-8pm.  We will have two teams each this year for both 8th graders and 7th graders - Select and Travel.  Tryouts for the Select teams will be two to three weeks after practice starts (exact dates and times to be communicated as we get closer to the season).  We will have the CHS Girls Lacrosse coaching staff available to evaluate your daughters to ensure an objective tryout process. Tryouts for Select teams are optional - completely up to your daughters.

8th Grade practices will generally be TThF, and 7th Grade practices will generally be MWF. 

Games vs other towns start in early April, and will be 12 v 12 including goalies with modified and/or full checking, depending on team and opponent. Select games can only be played on FSSu due to referee needs, while Travel games can be played any day of the week - we balance between weekends and weekdays.  Generally speaking there will be very light commitments over Spring Break, however, please note we have a 7th Select game scheduled on April 7. 

There will be 2-3 tournaments for each team targeting the following dates:  April 29 (Travel), April 30 (Select), May 6 (Travel), May 20 (Select), and June 3 (Select), with specific info to follow at a later date.

Sunday, June 4  is the Chatham Fishawack Tournament that all girls are encouraged and expected to attend.  There will be games for each grade, including the 8th grade girls vs Coaches game.

Uniforms - Feb 1 fitting - info has been communicated via email - every girl must have a uniform to play...please adhere to ordering instructions and timing as communicated.

Coaches - Parent Volunteers...please strongly consider getting involved if not already, and if involved then please stay involved. Please email Phil Franz/Mark Chazen directly with your interest.  You do get coaching gear with your commitment.

(PLEASE NOTE - do not get your daughter's ears pierced prior to the season, but wait until after the season has ended. No jewelry is allowed for obvious safety purposes.)

Thank you.